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By October 16, 2020Guard Your Gutters

As Auckland roofers with years of experience and expertise under our belts, you’d expect that we can handle the biggest residential and commercial roofing jobs. You’d be right. The size of the project doesn’t worry us at all – we know how to successfully manage a roofing assignment of any size. But we’re also used to working on a smaller scale, and our roof gutter services fall into that category. 

A well maintained and regularly cleaned guttering system will continue to collect the rain that falls on your roof and send it somewhere else, such as the stormwater system or even into a tank for future use around your home. When gutters are ignored, water can remain stagnant on your roof, or debris can collect, blocking the flow of water and building up weight in the gutters until they collapse, causing damage to surrounding infrastructure like fascia and downpipes. And then, there’s a chance that birds and rodents will nest and feed on the debris which can lead to a host of other problems. We can resolve those issues when and if they arise but there are things we can do to keep your gutter system working properly even when we’re not there. Installing gutter guards is just one of them.

Gutter guards are so effective at keeping debris out of a gutter that we’re surprised more people don’t have them installed. A good gutter guard, when professionally installed, will let the water enter the gutter, from which point it will flow unrestricted into the downpipe, or into any pipe that connects with a rainwater tank.  At the same time, debris such as leaves and branches are kept out, as are birds and rodents to a large degree. While we recommend you check and clean your guttering as often as is practical, gutters guards will do a great job of keeping things unblocked up there, while letting the water flow to where it should. 

Now that winter is over, it’s a great time to get in touch with us and ask us to carry out a roof inspection, including the guttering. The cold and wet season might have taken its toll on the roof and gutters, so it’s a good idea to get everything checked out. While we’re at your place, we can recommend the best type of guards for your guttering system. As we said earlier, they really are very effective and will save a lot of hassle down the track, so be sure to ask about them while we’re carrying out your roof inspection.  


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