Don’t Forget Your Gutters

Roofs are very big, and in comparison, gutters are very small. Is this why people tend to forget about gutter maintenance until it’s too late? We do a lot of gutter repairs in Auckland – we consider it to be an important part of our total roofing service – but with regular maintenance, we wouldn’t need to do nearly as many. That’s why we urge you to not forget your gutters!

Gutters, like roofs, are often way above our heads and the old adage of being “out of sight, out of mind” comes to mind. But all sorts of things could be happening up there that could cause the whole lot to come crashing down to earth in the near future. Leaves, other plant material, and mud can accumulate in ignored gutters over the years and the ever-increasing weight can cause the gutter to come loose from its fittings and eventually collapse. This leaves you with no gutters, and probably with extensive damage to the fascia and downpipes as well. 

Before that happens, all that vegetation can attract pests and critters that could become unwelcome house guests. Mosquitoes like to swarm around the damp areas your gutters provide, as well as the puddles that form on the ground below overflowing gutters. And then there are rodents, who make themselves right at home by nesting in the leaves you’ve so kindly left in the gutter for them.

At Archer Roofing, we’re aware of all these scenarios which is why we want to remind you of the importance of ongoing maintenance. It could be simple things like trimming tree branches that overhang your roof; this will stop leaves from dropping into the guttering and causing blockages and overflows. Plus a regular clean of your gutters will remove leaves, debris, nests and caked-on mud which will reduce the weight the guttering has to bear and keep the water flowing freely to the downpipes. You don’t have to climb a ladder to clean your gutters these days; microscopic cleaning tools will let you keep your feet on the ground while you complete the job. 

Every few months or so, check the downpipes are diverting stormwater into your drain system, and not into the ground. It’s also a good idea to put on your raincoat and head outside during a shower of rain to check for overflows. If your guttering system can’t handle a gentle shower, then imagine how poorly it will perform during one of those furious Auckland storms? 

Of course, there are times when gutter mishaps will occur. When that happens give us a call and we’ll fix things up. Until then, remember to never forget your gutters!


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