Your Roof: Repair Or Replace?

By September 21, 2020Roof Replacement

If you’re building a new home or commercial property, there’s no doubt about it; give us a call as we’re experts in installing new roofing in Auckland. Our high-quality work and excellent reputation extend Auckland-wide, so there should be no question in your mind that we can handle the job.

On the other hand, there might be some confusion if you’re in an existing building and the roof is causing more problems than you’d like. That’s when you’ll start asking yourself: should I repair or replace? It’s a question that can cause you a lot of angst, as there is a certain level of expense involved! If you are asking yourself that sort of question though, get in touch with us.

We have years of experience and have seen it all. We have been called out time and time again to repair a roof and advised the owner that a replacement roof would be a better investment in the long term, instead of paying for repair after repair after repair. At the end of the day, replacement is a more affordable option.

This is especially true once roofs reach a certain age, or begin to show their age through a lack of regular maintenance. When you get to this stage, a replacement should be seriously considered because a series of repairs indicate that the roof is well past its best and will always require attention. Besides, the patchwork quilt effect that is a telltale sign of constant repairs looks awful, and brings the property’s street appeal way down – and its value decreases with it. On the other hand, we’ve made repairs to a roof that is otherwise in pretty good shape. A replacement might be needed, but not for a while.     

At the end of the day, you want someone to answer your question, and you want an honest answer. If a roofing contractor advises you to opt for a replacement, you will want to hear some sound reasons why they’re making such a suggestion. You want to know they have your best interests at heart, rather than looking for opportunities to line their own pocket.

We’ll give you the honest answer you need. Our reputation as reputable and trustworthy roofing contractors is well deserved, and we’ll always give you an opinion based on what we see, and not how much money we want to make. So contact us today and we’ll help you answer the troubling repair or replace question.  


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