Why You Should Use ColorBond For Steel Roofing

By July 18, 2019Steel Roofing

When the time comes to re-roof your home, do you know which approach to take and what material to use? If not, you should consider steel roofing as it’s becoming very popular for its various benefits. If you want colour steel roofing price to be reasonable, ColorBond is a good option. Here’s why.

It’s Strong And Long-Lasting

ColorBond roofing is a commonly used roofing material because it’s lightweight but firm. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it, adding any weight to your foundation. With ColorBond there’s minimal cracking, corrosion or peeling. In addition, because it’s steel sheeting, you don’t have to worry about cracked or missing shingles.

There’s Little Maintenance Required

Roof maintenance can be frustrating. It isn’t something you can perform yourself, which means that you’ll have to get a contractor do it for you. This can get expensive. Fortunately, if you have a ColorBond roof, you don’t have to do maintenance as often as with other roofs. Because the ColorBond is baked onto the steel under immense heat, you won’t get cracks or leaks as often in comparison to tiled roofs.

It’s Design Friendly And Attractive

Most people have reservations when it comes to steel roofing. Because it doesn’t look like the traditional asphalt shingle or tile, they assume it will be unappealing. In reality, steel roofing can be beautiful; especially with ColorBond. It comes in various colours, so you won’t struggle to match it to the design of your home.

It Has Excellent Insulative Properties

Roofs need to be built correctly and regularly maintained to provide adequate insulation and shelter from the elements. ColorBond has exceptional insulation qualities which keeps it cool in summer and helps it to cool quickly at night, especially if you have it in a light colour.

It’s Waterproof

How do you know when your roof needs repairs? When there’s usually a leak. A leak can be highly damaging because it takes a while for stains on the ceiling to appear, and the root of the leak is not always necessarily directly above the stain. With ColorBond roofs, water disperses quickly, which means that rainwater won’t pool on your roof. This makes ColorBond a low-risk roof for homes in rainy climates.

As roofs go, ColorBond is one of the best roofing materials available. In addition to its design, waterproofing and insulation properties, it’s even environmentally friendly. Visit Archer Roofing today for more options.


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