Why Not Go Green For Your New Roof?

By September 24, 2019New Roof

Green roofing is becoming more popular for home and building owners across Auckland. It’s a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy bills and do your part in looking after the planet with sustainable living. Here’s how your new roofing Auckland can also be environmentally friendly.

Shingle Recycling

When you have a new roof installed, all you know is that the old roof is torn down and taken away, so that the new roof can be installed. However, what happens to what has been removed? Usually, you would assume that it would be taken to a dump to be disposed of. Fortunately, that isn’t your only option. If you want to go green, you can recycle your shingles.

You can now get your old, damaged or broken shingles recycled to be used to lay new asphalt roads. This process uses fewer resources to create a new road for a reasonable fee and creates less waste by not disposing of your shingles immediately. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about the useless refuse from replacing your existing roof, but instead feel proud of how you’re contributing to new, functional roads.

Cool Shingles

If you’re looking at installing a new roof without making a negative impact on the environment, you can also look into environmentally friendly shingles and available roof tiles. These shingles absorb less heat and keep your whole roofing system cooler in summer. These shingles would make a difference in how often you’d have to run the cooling systems in your home, which would reduce your air conditioning costs and therefore, your energy bills.

Solar Panel Roof Tiles

An innovation that is growing in popularity among homeowners and new roofing specialists in Auckland is solar panel roof tiles. If your roof is a typical clay tile, iron, concrete or color steel roofing, you shouldn’t have a problem installing solar panels on the roof tiles. However, any type of shingle or slate tile roof would be a problem. Therefore, when you’re planning to get new roofing installed, consider roofing materials which are compatible with solar panels. You’ll be able to generate clean, renewable energy for your home, your electricity bills would decrease dramatically, and you might even be able to sell excess power you’ve generated to others.


If you’re dedicated to owning a green, sustainable home, you can start with having a green roof. Green roofs are great for the environment and your pocket. When the time comes that you’re getting new roofing installed in your Auckland home, consider your options for sustainability, such as shingle recycling, solar panelling and cool shingles.


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