Why Low Pitched Roofs Are In High Demand

A low pitched roof is a stylish and eye-catching addition to a modern home. There’s something about that flatter, streamlined roof that really works with latest architectural trends, and that explains why we’re being asked to install low pitched roofs in greater numbers every year. As experts in metal roofing in Auckland, we’re happy to say that a low pitched roof makes more than a fashion statement. It also makes sense, and in so many ways:

  • A low pitched roof can improve heating and cooling in a home, certainly when compared to a traditional steep slope roof. This is because there’s less space in the ceiling filling up with excess air which decreases the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.
  • It’s much safer to maintain a low pitched roof because the flattish surface makes it easier to walk on, with less risk of slipping and falling. Having said that, asking professionals to maintain your roof will ensure it lasts even longer. 
  • Installation is less expensive with fewer materials and labour hours required. 
  • The latest solar panels are a better fit on low pitched roofs. 
  • There is less wasted space in a home with a low pitched roof. Houses with steeper roofs usually have attics that just aren’t used. 

Of course, there are certain things you have to look out for when a low pitched roof is installed. Water can sit on them longer than on steep roofs, and debris must also be removed on a regular basis. But when you book in regular maintenance from roofing professionals like us, these issues are very minor and are far outweighed by all of the benefits. 

Take a look at roofing on Auckland homes and you’ll see that metal is certainly the most popular material for this style of roof. Metal is easy to work with, lightweight but strong can be installed quickly, and with the range of colours now available, it adds incredible street appeal to a home. Combine that with the sleek appearance of a low pitch design, and you can create something special. Little wonder that low pitched metal roofs are very popular in Auckland right now.

If you want to find out more about low pitched roofs, and all the benefits that come with them, contact the team at Archer Roofing. We’re installing more low pitched roofs than ever before, so we have a wealth of knowledge we can share with you. 


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