Commercial Roof Insulation: Why Is It Essential For New Roof Replacement?

By January 24, 2020Commercial Roof Insulation

The roof on your commercial property forms part of your business investment. It needs to be designed correctly and manufactured with the best materials. Insulation is a part of that because it regulates temperatures inside and more. Here’s why it’s essential to have adequate insulation on your commercial property when you get a new roof replacement

It’s Like A Protective Blanket On Your Building 

Within the construction of a new roof replacement, there’s a layer in between the surface and the decking. It uses different materials for insulation, such as expanded and extruded polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, fibreglass, and more. They act as a layer of protection in your roof, which regulates the interior temperatures. 

That means that in summer, the cold air generated by your cooling systems remains inside the building, and the same can be said in winter. The insulation regulates your temperatures because hot or cold air can’t dissipate to outside. 

It Prevents The Growth Of Mould 

Mould is something that most home and business owners avoid. It can be dangerous for the occupants in the building, and it produces a damp odour that won’t do your business any favours. Fortunately, proper insulation prevents the growth of mould in your roof. Mould spores can’t survive in the temperatures of a roof with adequate insulation, even though it can still grow on the surface. Fortunately, if it is on top of your roof, the insulation acts as a barrier, preventing it from spreading. 

It Saves On Energy Bills 

When you run your heating and cooling systems, you’re using energy, which you pay for. Thankfully, because your insulation helps to regulate the temperature inside the building, you won’t be using excess electricity to replace the heated or cooled air that’s lost. Therefore, the better your insulation, the more you’ll save. 

It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint 

Most people in Australia and New Zealand are very conscious of their carbon footprints because the ozone directly over that region is at its thinnest. Because of this, building owners look for any way to reduce their carbon footprint; one of which is to have the proper insulation installed. Roof insulation in new roof replacements minimises carbon footprints and combats air pollution. The reduced energy that you use also plays a part. 

Proper insulation in a commercial building can help you in a lot of different ways, such as reducing energy bills and preventing mould. When the time comes to install a new roof replacement, make sure that proper insulation is installed so that you can enjoy these benefits.


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