Why Auckland Roofing Companies Should Inspect Your Roof In Spring

By September 27, 2019Auckland Roofing Companies

For many people, spring is their favourite season. Why not? The cold of winter starts giving way to sunshine and warm weather. Flowers and trees start blooming again, and it gives rise to the feeling of new opportunities, rejuvenation and new growth. Despite this, your roof still needs to be maintained. Roofing companies Auckland recommend roof inspections in the spring, for these reasons.

1) The Weather Is Warming Up

With spring, comes warmer weather. Even if north of Auckland in New Zealand doesn’t experience snow in winter, frost and dew is something that could affect your roof, which is why spring is the best time to inspect it. With the change in season, the sun starts evaporating all moisture on the roof, which could contribute to damage if left unchecked. Book an inspection with a roofing company close to your home in Auckland to assess the damage that winter may have caused. They’ll inspect the entire roofing system for damage, including shingles, gutter systems and downpipes.

2) Spot Damage

With the sun shining and the days more clear, you’ll be able to spot any roof damage that could have occurred during winter. Spring is an excellent opportunity to have a look at what you can see of your roof, looking for a build-up of debris, damaged tiles or other signs of wear and tear that could have happened during a winter storm. Remember, if you can see the damage from the ground, then it will need repairing before it gets any worse. Look for other disrepair such as water damage, cracks, leaks, and missing shingles.

3) Schedule Repairs

Winter can be severe on a roof, whether you maintain it or not. The cold and frost seep in, creating water damage, and harsh winds and winter storms can cause even more disrepair. For that reason, spring is the best time to schedule repairs. If you’ve found damage from inspections, it will only get worse if you leave it any longer. This damage might also affect the insulation in your home, negatively affecting your energy bills. Besides, it’s much more challenging to work on a roof in the height of summer, because being in the heat and under harmful UV rays for extended periods can get dangerous.


Now that winter has run its course, spring is the best time to call one of the roofing companies near your Auckland home to perform inspections and repairs. If you do this every year, your roof will last its intended lifespan, without costing much money in extensive repairs. Maintenance fees are more affordable and keep your roof strong over time. Contact your Auckland roofing company of choice, before any damage your roof sustained in winter becomes worse over time.


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