Where Roof Meets Wall: What You Need To Know About These Important Structures

By January 25, 2019Roofing Contractors

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your roof from the inside of your home? Most of us are used to viewing the roof of our homes from the outside and generally don’t consider it until it starts leaking or exhibiting other problems.

It’s only when your roof needs expensive repair work on its structure that many of us finally take notice of this important by ignored part of protecting us from the elements.

The time might come where you’ll need to pay attention to your roof in the future, so why wait until then to understand how it works?

Tonday we take a look at the structures of your ceiling and how your walls keep your roof structure upright in your Auckland home.

  • Different Roof Structures

Each house style and house structure is different, meaning that there are different ways that roofs and walls meet. Some have parapets which are where the walls go higher than the roof, creating a space for gardening, socialising and barbequing. There are also some cases where the top storey roof is far higher than that of the lower stories, creating a need for flashing between both levels. Roof flashing is a way of sealing two roof levels to prevent leaks from seeping through it.

  • Load Bearing Walls

The walls of your home support the roof which is anchored onto the outer walls and, in some cases; the walls inside will also carry the weight. Load bearing walls can’t be removed or knocked down because they’re the support for the roof.

  • The External Structure

The outside of the roof structure that meets the wall isn’t an entirely solid surface. Some roof structures consist of wooden beams that hang slightly over the wall, and this is here where gutters are placed. Roofing tiles are fitted onto these wooden beams to complete the structure of the roof.

While it’s important for you to know the basic structure of your roof, you’d need extensive training to understand the intricate work and design that roofers undertake. With a better understanding of how important this structure is for your home, you know that the next time you need roofing expertise in Auckland, you can call the experts at Archer Roofing.

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