What Should Be Included In Your Roofing Estimate

By October 25, 2019Roofing Estimate

If you’ve only recently become a homeowner, maintaining your house is something you might be unequipped for. One thing to prioritise should be your roofing. You will need to get used to requiring Auckland roofing contractors if you want to look after your roof correctly. However, when it comes to re-roofing, you might not know what to expect from the job and what to pay. Here’s what should be included in roofing estimates from your contractor. 

A Summary Of The Upcoming Job 

When you get an Auckland roofing contractor, make sure that they perform an inspection of the current state of the roof to determine what the job will entail. You should be given a summary of the roofing project after the inspection, whether you’re reroofing, restoring, or repairing your roof. The review should also include the timeframe needed to complete the project, with the start and end dates listed so that you can plan your home and finances accordingly. 

The Materials Needed 

If you’re installing a new roof, the estimated price should include your requirements, including the building materials needed, which can consist of steel, slate, asphalt or clay tiles, your colour, and the design choice. The materials used can change the estimate drastically, because there’s a vast price difference between slate tiles and asphalt shingles, for example. Other materials, such as flashing, insulation, ventilation, and underlayment, should also be mentioned.


The estimates you receive should also contain your Auckland roofing contractor’s costs they require upfront, for labour and the cost of materials. When they apply for permits, there is a price to pay as well, which should also be added. All expenses to carry out the job need to be in the estimate, such as removing the old roof and cleaning up afterwards. You must ensure that you are given a close estimated price so that you can budget accordingly, and so that you aren’t given a bill that you can’t afford after the job is complete. 

Proof Of Insurance And Certification 

When you hire a roofing company, you want to be assured that they have insurance and the necessary qualifications to do the job. The roof is an essential part of the structure of your house, so you need to trust that your roofer won’t make the problem worse by doing a poor-quality job. Remember to make sure that you receive proof of all certification, licensing, permits, and insurance in the estimate before you sign a contract. 

Although you’ve only just become a homeowner, you will learn quickly. And even though your roof needs to be maintained regularly, you won’t need to perform extensive construction for at least fifteen years if it’s looked after properly. Make sure that when you find the best Auckland roofing contractor for you, that the estimates you receive contain all essential information, such as licensing, permits, insurance, and quotations. If you do, you’ll have a successful working relationship with your roofer of choice. 


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