Time To Reroof?

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The weather, shingles losing strength and even poor first-time jobs can often be the leading causes behind roof repairs. Deteriorating roofs do happen over time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the only solution is to replace them at a costly price. There are other solutions. As experts who provide high-quality re roofing in Auckland to both residential and commercial clients, we are often met with this misconception that replacements are the only answer to a weakening roof. But we can assure you all that reroofing is an effective way to manage your roof and we highly recommend considering this trusted method for your home today. 

What Is Reroofing Exactly?

Now the question is, what exactly is reroofing? This is the process used by roofing contractors that include using new shingles to layer over. However, this is a method only suggested on an assessment of your roof and we strongly advise that you choose a contractor who offers a site evaluation beforehand to avoid unnecessary work being done. This can determine if the roof has any water build-up and the extent of the damages to be rectified. Waterlogged roofs cannot be reroofed and if the areas of damage are too severe, a replacement will be necessary. 

Reroofing Can Only Be Done A Certain Amount Of Times

To save money, we also find that some homeowners ask for reroofing before replacements. And while this feels like a good way to keep expenses low, it needs to be noted that reroofing can only be done a handful of times. With proper maintenance and upkeep though, you can prolong the life of your roof and shouldn’t have to worry about replacing yours so soon after reroofing it. 

Replacements tend to be more expensive and when you think about the amount of labour and skills needed, it is understandable. It is a completely new addition to your home and that can be a timely exercise of installation indeed. This can be extremely inconvenient to you and your family, as well as be an unexpected cost you never budgeted for. Roof repairs, on the other hand, can be a quick fix with a lower price tag, fortunately. But unfortunately, this doesn’t work for long periods. And that’s why we always assess each site to ensure we are correcting a roof with a suitable solution. 

Most homeowners are hesitant when they hear us suggest ‘reroofing’ because they feel that it will not prove to be effective as time passes. It may be a waste of money and effort now, questioning if a replacement simply makes more sense in the long term. We hope with this insightful article, you do consider Auckland reroofing to give your roof new life. For the experts in roofs, give us a call at Archer Roofing today. 


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