Three Important Questions To Ask Your Roofing Company

By March 27, 2020Roofing Company

Hiring a contractor for any type of construction, maintenance or repair work can be a difficult, time-filled activity. This is due to the clients feeling flustered with their own inexperience or knowledge of the work to be carried out and can sometimes feel almost obligated towards choosing the first professional they find. Others may feel conflicted about project fees and question if there really is a need to spend so much money, hiring the cheapest contractor available and ending up with costly mistakes and consulting more expensive professionals. However, the decision you make on which professional to go with can have serious implications if it was not a suitable, right choice. And when it comes to Auckland roofing companies, you do need to do your own due diligence. 

And so, we always provide clients with in-depth information regarding our services, team and workmanship. But not every company does this and we suggest that you ask these questions, before hiring them. 

1) Can You Provide Me With A Brief History Of Your Business? 

While this can seem rather unnecessary, learning more about the potential company you plan on hiring can provide you with more information on how their business is run. Experience and reputation are key components of a successful business, so if they can validate this with you as a prospective client, it highlights authenticity and professionalism. Ask if they utilise the service of sub-contractors to avoid any poor or inadequate roofing. Requesting previous client references or seeing a portfolio of previous work done can also help solidify your decision and make you feel confident in your choice. 

2) How Do You Ensure That Both Your Employees And My Family Stay Safe During This Project? 

It’s crucial that a roofing company has insurance to protect its own employees and its clients too. Roofing work can be extremely dangerous and requires expert skills, industrial equipment and adequate training. If a company cannot share their safety protocols with you, then they may either be newly established or simply not as professional as you may think. It may be a risky decision to hire them, so consider this carefully. 

3) Do They Offer A Warranty On Their Workmanship And Materials Used? 

Weak, low-quality materials can be detrimental to a roof, a pivotal feature of any home. Therefore, we suggest you ask contractors what materials and equipment they use to validate how well-know and well-used the brands are on your own. Poor roofing can also be a result of inexperienced contractors or a company rushing the job, so it’s essential that you are offered a warranty to avoid potential problems that cost you in the end instead of the responsible party in the future. 

Although skimming through different Auckland roofing companies in the hiring process seems simple enough, not many clients remember to ask the questions that matter. As consumers, we often feel that we should easily trust a professional contractor because they seem to have an established business and can assure us of a good job. But their word is not enough of an assurance, and this is not a wise financial decision or even a safe one. At Archer Roofing, we have a team of certified and licensed contractors, all trained to handle any roofing job – speak to us today to enquire more about what we do.


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