Don’t Fall For A Roofing Scam – Here’s How To Tell If An Auckland Roofer Is Legit

By May 8, 2019Roofing Scam

Imagine approaching a roofing company for their services. They seem like a reputable company and present you with a shiny and official business card. They visit your home and tell you what needs fixing and follow up with an invoice for $8000. You pay the full fee – and never hear from them again. It’s what happened to one Auckland woman who was recently scammed by two men claiming to be roofers. While the men have been arrested and charged, there’s no word on whether or not she’s going to get her money back – and her roof still hasn’t been fixed. It’s a nightmare that nobody should have to go through, which is why we’ve put together a few pointers for choosing your next Auckland roofers, so you don’t end up scammed.

1) Avoid Roofers Who Pressure You

Most roofing jobs require attention, but only in extreme and apparent occasions (for example after a severe storm or after part of your roof has been destroyed) will you need to act immediately on repairing your roof. In most cases, you can take a week or two to decide on whether you want to proceed with a roofing job. As roof work can be costly and extensive, quality roofers will understand you need to take time to decide and will never harass you for an immediate commitment.

2) Avoid Roofers Who Suggest Unusual Payment Arrangements

Most homeowners rely on their insurance to cover their roofing repairs. One wrong move here could void your warranty, forcing you to pay the full price out of pocket. A reputable contractor might break down their pricing to show you what they’re billing you for, but at the end of the day, you’ll pay a single sum. Beware of roofers offering financial incentives or who promise to waive fees, and this could indicate they’re attempting to commit fraud.

3) Avoid Roofers You Can’t Visit

Unfortunately, with businesses moving online it’s become easier than ever for scammers to create email addresses, websites and even phone lines for businesses that don’t exist. What is harder to fake is having an actual office and employees. Pay a visit to your roofer and take note of whether their offices are established, branded and located near other businesses and not in a remote or residential area.

The easiest way to check if a business is the real deal or not is by checking their licensing and registration numbers, but the above steps will often alert you to fraud before you do so. Follow these three tips – and your gut – and you’ll be able to avoid fraudsters and end up with an Auckland Roofer that will get the job done.


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