Sniffing Out That Invisible Leak

By November 17, 2020auckland reroofing

Take it from us: leaky roofing in Auckland is a very common thing, and we’re frequently called out to fix it up. But not all roof leaks are visible. While we usually expect a leaky roof to produce drips of water from the ceiling and onto the floor, that isn’t always the case. Much of the water, and the ensuing damage, is hidden from us. 

A lot of the water that comes into the home through a leaky roof settles in the attic area instead of going right through the ceiling and into living areas. When this occurs, the water damage in your home’s attic and all of the items you have stored there can be considerable. Over time, the internal roofing and wall structure could be compromised, which could lead to even more internal damage, and costly repairs and repainting jobs down the track. The unseen enemy above us certainly has the potential to cause a lot of headaches in the years ahead. 

One thing that indicates there might be damp issues above your head can be detected with your nose rather than your eyes. Over time, an excessively damp attic area will give off a musty smell. It could be something of a “wet shaggy dog” odour or the familiar smell of mould or mildew. Many of our customers tell us that they’ve noticed that type of aroma for many years in a certain room, but have not been able to put their finger on what might be causing it. They think it might be the carpet, a lack of ventilation, or just the age of the house itself. It has taken them many years to realise that the unpleasant odour is actually coming from the attic above them. Leaving such issues to be resolved by one of the best roofing companies in Auckland like Archer Roofing is the right thing to do.

If this is a stinky scenario that you’re facing right now, and if you’ve long been wondering where that peculiar smell is coming from, then it could well be a roofing issue that’s causing it. Remember, not every leak makes itself known in all its glory. Water that comes through the roof and pools in the attic, and spreads through internal structures over time, really needs to be looked at. So if something is on the nose in a certain room and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, contact us without delay and we’ll check the roof. If it is the cause of that odour, it’s something we can easily fix up for you. 


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