Roofing Solutions You Need To Look Into When Buying An Old House

By December 24, 2019Roofing Solutions

One of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make in life is your house. But not everything will be in good condition when you buy it. Fortunately, many people in Auckland enjoy fixing up their homes, which is why old houses are a popular buy. If you’re buying an old house, be ready to utilise Auckland roofing solutions for the following issues. 

Leaks And Poor Drainage 

Leaks are a common problem that most people experience with their roofs, especially when it’s getting on in years. Leaks are caused by damage to the roof which allows water to seep through to its interior, and these leaks are easily recognised by water stains and discolouration that appears on your ceiling. Unfortunately, leaks can appear anywhere on the roof – not necessarily directly above the stain – which makes it difficult to locate the damage. Not only that, but it takes a while for the stain to appear, which means that the water damage is much more extensive than what you can see. 

You can also get water stains on the outside of the roof, which points to poor drainage. Roofs allow for water to drain away, through gutters and downpipes, but with poor drainage, you could need roofing solutions for water pooling, concrete rust and leaks. Drainage issues are typically caused by blocked gutters, so make sure that they’re cleaned regularly. 

Damaged And Missing Roof Tiles 

When you buy a house with a 20 year old roof, you should expect to find broken roof tiles. If the roof has been neglected in the last few years, you’ll see curling and cupping shingles, as well as tiles that are cracked, or entirely missing. Although the most commonly known causes of damaged roof tiles are wind, rain, age, and overhanging branches, it can also be a sign of gutters in disrepair. 

Damaged or clogged gutters in your new home can cause water to seep beneath the roof tiles, damaging them. It’s important to remember that with damaged roof tiles, your home is more susceptible to leaks showing up later in your ceilings. So make sure that you replace the gutters and that you inspect the roof tiles soon after you make the purchase. 

Many people enjoy the challenge of buying an older house in Auckland, renovating it according to their personal design, or fixing it up to flip it. Whatever the reason, the roof is an investment and should be inspected sooner rather than later. After that, you can look into roofing solutions for misaligned or damaged tiles, roof leaks and drainage issues. 


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