Roof Problems And What They Mean For A Homeowner

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Much like any feature in your home, ongoing maintenance of your roof can prolong its life and help avoid the need for constant repairs or even a replacement. However, roofing maintenance can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have minimal knowledge or inadequate equipment to carry out the work. Without proper maintenance though, the time will eventually come for a major repair or replacement. Only then will you realise you could have avoided all this if you’d taken steps to keep your roof in excellent condition. You;re not the only one. This is something we hear all the time from lots of prospective clients needing a roof repair in Albany

Although we understand that proper evaluation can take time, it’s also likely that homeowners simply don’t make their way up to their roofs for frequent inspections because they lack equipment or experience. As a result, most of the roof problems we encounter at Archer Roofing can be attributed to deterioration over time. However, if the problem was identified and resolved earlier, a major repair or replacement could have been avoided completely. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand the roof problems that are likely to occur because of poor maintenance. 

Weather Exposure

Without regular inspection of your roof, you might not notice the effects of weather exposure. Over time, roofs can generally fade due to sunlight but more importantly, decay can happen from heavy winds, hail and rain. This makes them more susceptible to ripping, leakages and internal damage. 

Failure Of Design 

This one problem most homeowners cannot take responsibility for unless their home was a new construction. Design failures can happen, and this results in structures being inadequate. This, in turn, can affect the slope which can impact drainage. Low-quality materials also pose a serious risk, as they can weaken over time and lead to roofs caving  inward. 

Insufficient Sealing

Sealing is the waterproofing of areas that are more prone to seepages and water damage. This process is often carried out around roof installations such as satellite antennas, or structural features e.g. chimneys. Shoddy workmanship during the sealing process allows water and moisture to build-up which quickly deteriorates the materials around it. This could eventually cause the roof to collapse as it weakens. 

Roof Installations

When homeowners install air conditioners, security cameras or solar panels they rarely think about the impact on their roofs. We assume that the contractors responsible for these types of installation will work to a certain standard and ensure your roof won’t be affected. This is wishful thinking. Accidents can happen, such as over drilling, membranes pierced, and shingles being lost. It’s important to check for damage if you’ve had anything installed on the roofed area of your home. 

There’s every chance you’ll need a major roof repair in Albany if you can’t access your roof safely, or if you don’t know what to look for. Or, you can minimise that risk by consulting the professionals. At Archer Roofing, we offer comprehensive roof inspections to help you save money in the long run. We effectively diagnose problems, identify weak spots, and resolve issues before they lead to big repairs or even a replacement. Call today to speak to one of our qualified contractors. 


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