Reroofing VS Restoration

By October 17, 2019Reroofing VS Restoration

Although restoring your roof might be more cost-effective in comparison to reroofing, what’s the best option for you? Think about the state of your roof, and how long it will take you to restore it. Roofing companies Auckland discuss the differences between reroofing vs restoration so that you can make an informed decision when it’s time to do the repairs.   

Your Roof Provides Protection 

The roof is the first line of defence for your home against the elements. The roof protects the rest of the construction from water damage, and the inhabitants of the house as well; however, it can’t protect you if it needs repairs.  

Common Problems From A Damaged Roof 

When your roof is damaged, you can face a whole host of issues. In fact, whether you maintain it regularly or not, you’ll still have to perform repairs if your roof is aging. If you leave them for too long, the damage will only get worse. You’ll experience leaks, rot, mold growth and dampness.

Why Reroofing Is Better Than Restoration 

You’ll only be advised to reroof instead of getting it restored if the damage is too extensive. That means that if you have multiple broken tiles, various or recurring leaks, or mould and damp in the house, your roof might need more than a few patchwork repairs. Other signs of extensive damage include curling and cupping shingles, and structural sagging.  

Reroofing is an option, which is what a reputable roofing company in Auckland would recommend. However, because it’s more expensive, most homeowners opt for restoration instead. Restoring your roof involves laying a new roof on top of the old one. It will keep your home dry; however, you will need to remove the roof at some point to install a new one. 

Why Restoration Isn’t Recommended 

If you’re recommended to restore your roof than to install a new one, it is because restoration has its merits. However, all of the advantages are quick, affordable fixes with no long term value. Yes, restoring your roof is more affordable, faster to complete and requires less labour. However, you’ll still have to reroof in the future, and it’ll come sooner than you expect. Do you want to spend your hard-earned money on restoration to fix damp, mould, rot and leaks which might persist after the job is complete? Make sure that you focus on the health of your roof as a priority, instead of the benefits you’ll enjoy in the short term. 

When your roof shows signs of sagging, persistent leaks, mould, dampness or rot, you have two options. You can restore your roof, or choose to reroof the whole structure. Both options will solve your roofing issues; however, both have vastly different lifespans. If you restore your roof, you get away with a quicker job and a cheaper bill. However, you will still need a roofing company Auckland to reroof at some point, and by then, your money spent on the restoration will be wasted. Make the smarter choice, and get the job done once and for all, by reroofing.  


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