Top Four Reasons Why Your Roof Is Failing

By November 14, 2019Roof Failing

When you put new roofing Auckland on your home, the last thing you want is for it to start failing, particularly if it’s soon after the installation. Unfortunately, it’s a possibility – primarily if you use an inexperienced or unlicensed contractor to do the job. Here are four of the most common reasons why your new roofing could be failing. 

1) Poor Ventilation

Do you know why ventilation is so important for your roof? It allows you to have a temperature-controlled and comfortable home, particularly during the summer months. Ventilation pushes heat and moisture out of the roofing system, keeping you cool and your home free of damp. As you know, heat rises and condenses when it cools. That means that when your house is subject to the beating sun of summer, the heat inside will rise to the roof, and then condense into moisture when it cools. Therefore, without proper ventilation, you could have water damage and heat expansion affecting the entire structure. 

2) Poor Insulation 

When every aspect of your roof is installed correctly, you’ve passed the first step to having a secure and reliable roof over your head for years to come. The insulation in your roof is especially important because it regulates the temperature inside your home, keeping it at a consistent, comfortable temperature all year round. It should retain heat during winter and maintain the cooling during summer; therefore keeping your energy bills low. When you’re installing new roofing, ensure that the insulation is high-quality and is installed correctly. 

3) Poor Quality Materials 

You get what you pay for – you’ve heard that line before. In all things, when you skimp on materials and find the cheapest alternatives, you’re compromising on quality. When you install new roofing, inferior quality materials can affect the longevity, stability and reliability of your roof. Your roof will be more susceptible to mutilate and leaks, and you’ll spend more money performing maintenance and repairs than you would have if you’d used better quality materials in the first place. If you use high-quality roofing materials, your roof will last longer, need fewer repairs, and less frequent maintenance. 

4) Poorly Chosen Flashing

Roof flashing is installed to direct water flow away from critical areas in the roof. Typically made out of galvanised steel, it’s installed to surround areas where the roof plane meets a vertical surface, like a wall, a chimney or a vent. It protects your roof from water damage; however, if you choose poor quality flashing, areas that are prone to leaks will still be adversely affected. 

New roofing can fail for any variety of reasons; however, if you want to ensure that it doesn’t sustain damage too soon after the installation, make sure that your Auckland roofing contractor is experienced, and installs high-quality flashing, insulation and ventilation, using the best materials available. After that, all you need to do is perform regular maintenance and repairs, and your roof will last. 


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