The Problems Caused By Poor Roof Flashing

By January 30, 2020Poor Roof Flashing

Your local roofing companies have probably seen it all. When people think about roofing issues, they think about leaks, damaged shingles and rusted gutters. But what about the flashing? Local roofing companies tell all of the problems you could face with poor flashing. 


If the flashing on your roof hasn’t been installed correctly or maintained, you’ll have issues with it. In this situation, the most likely problem you’ll experience is called billowing, which means that the roof’s membrane has weakened and detached. It’s given this name because it can be so loose that it billows and flaps in the wind. It would need to be cut to release pressure, before being removed and replaced. Unfortunately, billowing also opens your roof up to leaks and debris entering the interior. 


Similar to billowing, blow-offs cause even more extensive damage. The causes are the same. However, a blow-off occurs when a part of the membrane – or in its entirety – rip off the roof in the harsh wind. The cause of blow-offs could also be a reduction or lack of puncture pressure that was keeping the flashing attached. 

If your flashing detaches from the roof, you have a big problem. Not only is your roof significantly exposed to the elements, but it could also damage the parts of the roof it was attached to before blowing off. You’ll need to reroof your home immediately to prevent severe leaking and debris going inside. 


When flashing is put in on your roof, it needs to be installed in pieces of the correct size. But if there’s a dimensional change in the membrane, your roof may start to shrink. No, it doesn’t diminish in size – it just means that the area of your roof that has flashed on it becomes smaller on each side. It’s called tenting or bridging. If you experience dimensional changes in your roof, it puts additional pressure on the roof seams and the flashing. This causes ruptures and breakages in the structure of the roof if you leave it long enough because it won’t cease shrinking until the problem is solved. Unfortunately, tenting cannot be reversed, and it would need to be addressed where there’s no waterproofing. To fix this, your local roofing company will cut the tented sections and replace those areas with new flashing. 

Problems with your flashing can be quite serious and can cause severe damage if you don’t address them immediately. Fortunately, local roofing companies nearby can assist you with inspections, maintenance and preventative measures. 


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