Preparing Your Roof For The Colder Months

By February 28, 2020house roofing auckland

As summer starts to wind down, with cooler months on their way, homeowners need to start preparing their homes for a cost-effective and energy-efficient winter. While maintenance and proper upkeep is important all-year round, considerable care needs to be taken in cold months to avoid any costly mishaps. Dealing with damaged house roofing Auckland during winter can be extremely troublesome and a hinderance – which is why we hope you use this article to consider the importance of doing a thorough maintenance check now. 

Roofs in poor condition are often the result of shoddy installation work, low-quality materials or simply negligence by the homeowner. Managing a roof susceptible to leakage or collapsing in winter, can be challenging to do with turbulent winds, constant rainfall and plummeting temperatures. And while contractors will work quickly to repair your roof, sometimes replacement may be necessary, and that can take more time than you had anticipated. 

Now that we have explored the need for preparation maintenance for winter, we will share our maintenance tips for the fast-approaching cold season. 

Clear Up Your Roof And Surroundings 

It’s important to schedule regular cleaning of your roof, to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris. Many homeowners are surprised to find their roofs flooded with pests and bird nests, leaves and even growing weeds or plants. Professional cleaners can quickly and effectively clear up your roof, with minimal effort and the right tools. But it is also important to make sure your roof is unobstructed, and that you neatly trim tree branches to avoid damaging your roof. 

Keep The Gutters Clean

Another important often neglected part of roofs is the gutter systems. Poorly maintained gutters lead to several problems, including roof damage, leakages and impaired gutters. Gutters filled up with debris lead to pooling of water on your roof, which affects its weight and can eventually lead to a collapsing roof because of the strain. 

Hire A Professional 

Inspecting a roof on your own can be a dangerous job, without the proper equipment or expertise. But a professional inspection is extremely vital, as it can highlight any worn-out areas of your roof as well as dents that can affect the quality or lifespan of your roof. Professionals can take note of buckling, potential leakage points or issues with ceilings.

House roofing in Auckland is our speciality at Archer Roofing, and we understand why winter maintenance is valuable for every homeowner. Using qualified professionals to assess your roof for repairs or replacements, can save you both time and money in the future and help you budget accordingly. To learn more about our services, speak to us today


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