Maintaining Your Metal Roof

By March 24, 2020Metal Roofing

Metal roofing Auckland is gaining popularity once again and almost every modern home has this type of roofing these days. It has minimalistic appeal, functional design and is the energy-efficient option in today’s world. Metal is also significantly cheaper than other traditional materials but surprisingly outperforms because of its high resistance to fire and weather. And with careful maintenance of a metal roof, it can last a long time without needing reroofing or even replacement. But this is where homeowners quickly fall back because they assume that any type of upkeep will be strenuous, expensive and a hassle. We believe, however, that regardless of the roof you have, it’s important to maintain it regularly to avoid potential problems in the future.

With maintenance work, there can be several different methods of keeping a roof in good condition. But we highly suggest you prioritise these methods which require minimal effort and can be done easily with the assistance of your roofing company

1) Clean Up 

Cleaning up is often the first task performed by any professional before an inspection. This includes removal of mildew build-up, dirt and eliminating stains. Followed up by a thorough deep-clean of all gutter and drain systems of your roof to ensure that they are free-flowing to avoid waterlogging and damage. Lastly, any other debris needs to also be cleared up. Leaves, for example, can start rotting or even cause unpleasant stains to your roof. 

2) Inspect The Roof

While inspecting, it’s important to note any random materials left lying around. We find the most unusual objects on roofs and though it doesn’t seem like a problem, it can become one over time. Tennis balls can cause blockages, tools accidentally left behind can start the process of galvanic corrosion and even lose rivets can become a cause for concern. After removing these items, a detailed evaluation of the roof can take place to start working on problem areas if need be. 

3) Address Flaking Paint

Untrimmed trees and extreme weather can cause the paintwork of your metal roof to quickly start flaking or fading in areas, making it look rather untidy. Although these seem like simple surface issues, it’s can be helpful to assess the roof properly as it can highlight a more severe problem. A quick coat of paint may appear to be the easiest solution, but it’s important that you use the recommended manufacturer’s materials to ensure you do not void warranty. 

Although metal roofing in Auckland is extremely durable, it can be prone to denting, corrosion and even leaking when unkempt. These problems will worsen if they go unchecked and can eventually lead to urgent repairs or expensive replacements, which not every homeowner budgets for. However, the good news is that we advise clients to maintain their roofs twice a year at minimum and using a professional service can ensure that it’s done properly as well as conveniently. For more information and support on your metal roof, give us a call today at Archer Roofing


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