Long Run Roofing: All Pros, No Cons

By November 10, 2020Long Run Roofing

At Archer Roofing, we specialise in installing long run roofing on Auckland homes and businesses. Every time we do so, we know our customers will be delighted that they chose this superb roofing material. In our long experience in putting roofs on Auckland buildings, we’ve never worked with a material that offers so many advantages. If you’re in the middle of deciding on the best roof for your property, we recommend long run roofing as one that ticks every single box. It really is incredible how many benefits there are to steel long run roofing:

  • Concrete tiles can be 10 to 20 times heavier than long run roofing, which means more substantial and expensive foundations are required for new build properties. This simply isn’t an issue with long run roofing.
  • Because long run is installed in long panels (hence its name) it takes less time to put the roof in place. Tiles are much more fiddly and time-consuming,
  • Once installed, long run roofing requires little maintenance. Every roof should be regularly inspected, and long run roofing is no exception, but in our experience, it is not as high maintenance as many other roofing materials,
  • With regular maintenance, long run roofing will last for decades. It is highly weather-resistant and will protect the building structure from all the elements. It won’t rot and is highly resistant to insects, mould and mildew.
  • If your design calls for a low pitch roof, long run roofing will make that desirable look very easy to achieve.
  • Long run roofing will reflect the sun’s radiant heat, making for a cooler home in summer.
  • Long run roofing is environmentally friendly e.g. it is fully recyclable
  • Modern metal roofing is available in a wide range of colours and profiles and looks good on any property be it a residential villa or a commercial warehouse.   

If you want peace of mind about the roofing material you choose for your home or business or even your industrial building, then long run roofing has to be the one you select. It’s a safe and sensible choice, as well as a very stylish one. Is it the perfect roofing material? We think that it goes very, very close to attaining that status.  Contact us to further discuss all the pros of long run roofing, with no cons!


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