Is Your Roof Turning Off Home Buyers?

By August 11, 2020Roofing Companies

As far as roofing companies in Auckland go, we like to think we’re one of the more upfront ones. We tell it like it is because our clients deserve to hear the truth at all times. This is one of those times! In our honest opinion, if your roof hasn’t been treated to any TLC for a long, long time, then it is a major turn off to everyone who sees it – and that includes potential home buyers.

According to Forbes business magazine, it takes just 7 to 10 seconds for someone to form their opinion of a property. Now, imagine that person was a home buyer turning up to your place for an open home? That first few seconds might cloud their judgement of your property for the duration of their visit – or the initial impression could be so bad that they might not even get out of their car! 

This all comes down to street appeal, or what is also known as curb appeal. It’s the vital first impression that lasts. The roof and the front door are widely regarded as a house’s focal points as far as street appeal is concerned; they are the things that the eyes are drawn to immediately. In the case of a roof, we can understand why. It’s a big and unmissable structure but for all its size many homeowners, and home sellers, don’t give it a second thought. They have their priorities directed towards other parts of the home, but those priorities might not be the right ones!

When people list their home for sale, they might do up the kitchen or bathroom, or add an outdoor area, or give the interior and exterior walls a fresh coat of paint. These are all good things of course, but with street appeal and the vital first impression being such important things, they tend to ignore that great big roof, which makes a very sizeable impression as soon as people lay eyes on a property. That’s why we always advise people who want to sell up in the near future to check their roof is looking as good as it can be. 

It might need repairs , or re-roofing, or a new roof in some cases. Whatever it needs, your roof deserves to have money invested in it if you’re serious about wowing potential buyers from the very start. While you’ll spend all sorts of money on that new kitchen, or outdoor area, or paint job, you should consider siphoning some funds towards your roof because you should never underestimate the power of the first impression. 


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