Is Long-Run Roofing Right For You?

By March 17, 2020Long Run Roofing

Those in the process of constructing their new home or even those considering renovation work, to increase the value of their current properties, will be thinking about their roofing for sure. The one option we always recommend at Archer Roofing to prospective clients is Auckland longrun roofing and all its added features and benefits. A good solution, with a number of valuable benefits for both the homeowner and home itself, this is definitely something to consider. But for those dealing with less experienced contractors or for those who have no previous knowledge of roofs, they may find themselves asking what it is and if it’s even the right roofing for their homes. To understand why this should be a worthy consideration, we need to explain what it is, how you can benefit from the installation of it and how to even maintain it. 

What Is This Type Of Roofing?

We can begin by exploring the actual roofing. Long-run metal roofing is also commonly referred to as corrugated roofing, a more well-known term. The process of laying this roof is implied in its naming convention, as large sheets are used to create a continuous flow, instead of multiple individual pieces. It works very much like other types of metal roofing and remains equally as strong throughout its life with proper maintenance. These roofs may appear to only be on commercial properties and though they are popular in workplace environments, they do perform just as well on residential homes. Taking care of your roof can lengthen its lifespan almost effortlessly, which is both cost-effective and convenient to the average homeowner.  

Benefits Explained

Additionally, long-run roofing also has several benefits such as versatility, strength and easy maintenance. It needn’t have to look like a warehouse or industrial space, allowing homeowners to express their creative side with a wide range of finishes and colours. We can advise you on what colours would work best, but ultimately it is up to you and the best part is that you can repaint it in another shade as frequently as you want. Furthermore, it is also strong and metal roofing is both fire and temperature resistant which increases its durability. But it also rarely dulls because of chipping and peeling, when a manufacturer recommends paint is to be used. 

Finally, the maintenance of Auckland long-run roofing is also beneficial because it can be low-cost when done regularly. It follows the same procedure of clearing up debris, inspecting the sheeting for dents or weakened spots and damage. And it isn’t an unnecessarily long exercise, especially if homeowners have kept to it diligently over time. Contact us at Archer Roofing to learn more about what we can do for your roofing requirements, whether it’s a repair or to help you out with maintenance – we can assist. 


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