Is It Time To Call Out A Professional?

By February 27, 2020Call Out A Professional

Hearing that a roof needs “replacement” can set off alarm bells for homeowners, because it’s never an expense we really budget for. Most people put off replacing their roofs by attempting to DIY much-needed repairs. And while that may work for some time, unfortunately, it does not translate into a good roof that can last a lifetime. Even with stringent maintenance schedules adhered to, sometimes the inevitable does happen. This can be due to several reasons, such as purchasing an existing home with a poorly maintained roof or building a new home with less than qualified Auckland roofing contractors

The cost alone can cause homeowners to find themselves overwhelmed with how to proceed with resolving the pending issue. And although learning more about roofs and buying the right equipment to repair one yourself may seem like a good solution, you simply do not have the skills or knowledge to assess a damaged roof correctly and your actions could even result in worsening the condition of the roof.

It’s extremely important that homeowners instead call out a professional to evaluate their roof to determine a replacement. Here are some of the warning signs that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. 

At-Risk Tiles 

It’s no surprise that many of us rarely give our roofs a second glance, which is why we often ignore jeopardized tiles until it’s too late. Even with frequent cleaning and maintenance upkeep on your own, it’s easy to miss cracked tiles. Cracked tiles lose their durability, making your roof more susceptible to water damage which can lead to possible leaks and eventually collapse under the weight of pooled water. 

Hail And Heavy Rain Spots 

Over time, roofs can take a beating under the sun as well as adverse weather conditions. This can include hail, heavy rain and potentially tree branches. All of which are highly impactful, causing shock to the materials in your roof. This causes weak spots, that again can lead to more severe consequences. It’s hard to identify on your own, but a professional can quickly locate weather damage spots and assess how severe it is. 

Physical Straining 

If you notice dips in your roof that somewhat resemble sagging, it’s an indicator that there is roof damage and it needs urgent attention. While some may quickly look for cheap ways to fix the sagging and others choose to ignore the problem until it collapses down on them, the smart decision would be to call out professionals immediately. Sagging roofs require replacement as there is no effective or safe way to repair them.  

Although replacements come along with a hefty price tag, they can often be the most sensible financial decision homeowners can make. Trying to repair an irreparable roof will result in mounting bills as well as compromised family safety. And not replacing a roof in time could result in ruined possessions and homes facing structural damage. To speak to qualified Auckland roofing contractors to help you make the best decision for your home, contact us today.


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