How To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Damage To Your Roof

By December 27, 2019Fire Damage

Your roof is an attractive part of your home. But the role it plays in keeping you sheltered and your house structurally sound is more important than how it looks. That’s why roof maintenance Auckland is vital. While you’re maintaining it regularly, here are a few ways to reduce the risk of fire damage to your roof. 

Use Fire-Retardant Materials 

When your roof is installed on your home, talk to your roofing contractor about what kind of materials are being used in its construction. Yes, you’ll want the best quality materials you can get according to your budget. Any reliable roofing contractor should use fire-retardant roofing materials to construct your roof, to ensure that you won’t sustain fire damage. The better-quality materials are more costly, but the cost is worth your while. 

Repair The Holes And Gaps 

Having your roof installed with fire-resistant materials is the first step you need to take to avoid fire damage to your home. The second step is to repair all holes or gaps that are found in your roof, especially during inspections and maintenance. If your roof is damaged, the area won’t be fire retardant, which could cause an issue if your home were to set alight. Whether there’s a gap in the flashing or missing shingles, repair these areas as soon as possible. 

Clean The Roof Regularly 

Fire-retardant materials aren’t fireproof. If your roof catches fire, your roof should be able to withstand severe fire damage if you’ve used the right materials. But if your roof is covered in highly flammable debris like leaves and branches, the flames could burn for longer, causing more damage as it goes on.

Always Practice Safety 

Fire safety is imperative – whether you’re cooking on the barbeque, burning a bonfire, or letting off fireworks. It’s essential to ensure that your home is safe when making a fire. If you’re cooking, make sure that the gas is turned off when you’re done, and if you’ve lit a bonfire for guests, make sure that it’s far away from a fence, deck or overhanging trees. 

A fire on your roof could drastically change your life. Not only is there a risk to your safety and worldly possessions, but if your roof burns down, you’ll need to install a new one. Make sure that when you’re doing roof maintenance on your Auckland home, to keep the risk of fire damage in mind.


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