How Roofing Contractors In Auckland Will Know When You Need A New Roof

By August 23, 2019Roofing Contractor

Even with regular maintenance, the time will come when you’ll need to replace your roof. However, where do you draw the line between performing repairs and replacement? Roofing contractors Auckland share two indicators that mean you need to reroof.

Sagging Roof Tiles

Sagging indicates structural damage, and that it’s unsafe for anyone to live beneath that roof. Whether your roof is sagging in the lines of your roof, or on the interior, there’s no quick solution. The only way forward is to remove the whole structure entirely and replace it.

Roof sagging is caused by a number of things which affect its structural integrity – from plant growth, to cold and damp, to age. Even if you maintain it regularly, every roof has a limited number of years to its lifespan. If it was installed fifteen years ago or more, you’ve probably already noticed it starting to sag.

Regardless of how many years your home has had the same roof, a trustworthy roofing contractor will be able to forewarn you of when you need to reroof. Their recommendation will allow you the time to plan for the inconvenience, budget for the cost and prepare your property for significant construction. If you need your roof to last a little longer, you can consider replacing the roof tiles with steel roofing, or another more lightweight material. Roof tiles are heavy and can add a lot of pressure to an ageing roof. However, if your contractor recommends replacement, it’s best to bite the bullet and do it.

Persistent Leaking

Every roof gets a leak now and then, especially if you skip the maintenance once in a while. However, if you get recurring leaks, even after sourcing the damage and repairing each one, you have a problem. Typically, if you have one or two holes, they’ll most likely be located in the same place where the roof has been damaged. However, if you have persistent leaks that are sourced to different areas of the roof, then you’ll have to cut your losses and replace the entire structure.

Patching and repairing each leak will be expensive, and still won’t guarantee that more holes won’t appear later. It’s an indication that your roof is old, in disrepair and need of replacement.


If you see these two signs in your roof, it’s best to get a professional roofing contractor in Auckland to provide an inspection. They’ll be able to recommend a plan of action, and when your roof will need to be replaced. Before you find yourself in a costly roofing crisis, look out for these two factors.


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