How A Roof In Ill-Repair Can Be Detrimental

By February 25, 2020Repair Can Be Detrimental

There are several reasons as to why homeowners actively neglect their roofs. Whether it’s an attempt to save money, time or simply because they do not know how to attend to roof repairs – it’s an all too common occurrence that professional roofing companies in Auckland face on a day-to-day basis. And while a roof seems like a sturdy structure that should last a lifetime, it is dependent on proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure it remains durable. This, unfortunately, will cost you time and money but can save you from expensive bills in the future or from you frantically searching for “Auckland New Roofs” after your roof caves in.

With busy schedules and the hassle of regular maintenance in and around your home, it’s easy to understand why the roof may be last on your priority list. However, choosing to put it off is not advised because a roof in ill-repair can cause more damage than you may have ever anticipated. 

Here are some of the top reasons why homeowners should never ignore the maintenance of their roofs. 

1) Leaks That Cause Havoc

After noticing a leak in the roof, many tend to start searching for DIY ways to alleviate the problem on their own quickly. But homeowners can often misinterpret the seriousness or size of a leak, assuming it can be quickly fixed themselves with some tape. Leaks can grow fast, destroying your roof and causing structural damage to the building itself. Leaking can also lead to devastating blowouts of your electronics and appliances, flooring and can create a hazardous environment for your family to live in. 

2) A Damaged Roof

Something we often hear in our line of business is that customers simply did not see the warning signs before a collapse. This is completely plausible, as a roof is not an area of the property that is often scrutinised for faults or damages. But in addition to that, some choose to also forget about their roofs completely and are caught by surprise when it suddenly comes down. There is no way to predict the damage a collapsing roof can cause; it could be a subtle break-down or could come down quickly – a serious concern for your family and your home. 

3) A Health Nightmare

Roofs that have structural damage allow for gaps into your home. This allows for the build-up of mould and mildew, as well as pest infestations. These can be triggering to you and your family, as the quality of air is compromised. It can result in aggravated health conditions, affecting the way you breathe and lead to more medical bills than you had ever realised. 

Roofs form part of the protective shell of your home, keeping you, your family and home in a safe condition. Assuming that a roof rarely needs attention other than a new coat of paint, is a huge financial blunder on your part and we advise you to keep to a maintenance schedule regularly. At Archer Roofing, we specialise in providing Auckland with new roofs, help with repairs and even replacements. Give us a call today, to assist you in evaluating your roof, and it’s health. 


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