How Important Is Roofing Insulation?

By September 17, 2019Roofing Insulation

As a business or homeowner, are you aware of what state your insulation is in? Do you know what it’s made of, when it was installed, or what it’s purpose is? Many people are more concerned about their roof staying dry, so they typically don’t bother with insulation. Roofing services tell why your building needs proper roofing insulation.

It Lowers Your Utility Bills

The primary objective of having insulation installed in your home is to trap hot and cold air within the building. Whether it’s the middle of summer or winter, insulation keeps the air inside the house so that warmth and cooling don’t dissipate outside of the building. This keeps your utility bills – whether from heating or cooling – significantly lowered because the building is maintained at a comfortable temperature.

In winter, you’ll be using gas and electric heaters to stay warm. Because heat rises, without proper insulation the heat rises to the roof and disappears outside, which means that you’ll have to keep your heating running consistently to stay warm. This problem occurs whether you’re using heaters, a furnace or a radiator.

The same thing happens with requiring cooling in summer – the cool air disperses if you don’t have proper insulation to trap it inside, making you run your air conditioning unit for longer to stay refreshed.

It Improves Fire Safety

In a worst-case scenario, your house or commercial building could catch fire. This is a nightmare situation, which hopefully you will never have to experience. However, you can safeguard your home against it, with insurance and being responsible around the fire and faulty electrical appliances.

Another aspect which provides safety against fires is insulation. Proper insulation in your roof can actually prevent the fire from reaching your roof and catching alight. If you’re renovating, installing new insulation or an entire roof system replacement, make sure that the insulation being used is fire resistant. It will add another layer of protection against fires to your home or business.

It Prevents Mould

Sometimes, controlling the climate in your home can produce a significant amount of moisture in the roof. Whether it’s from the cooling in summer, or the heating in winter, humid air can become trapped in the roof, causing it to condensate. If you don’t have adequate insulation, the condensation can promote the growth of mould. Preventing mould also protects your air quality.


When it’s time to inspect your roof for damage after winter, after a storm, or while you do annual maintenance, make sure to get roofing services to examine your insulation as well. If you have a furnace, you should also ensure that there is adequate insulation in the walls and floor around it. If it needs replacing, make sure that you don’t ignore it. Mould and fires are dangerous, and you’ll benefit from the energy savings that insulation provides.


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