Give Your Roof A Spring Clean

By August 26, 2020auckland reroofing

Spring is close. After lockdown and a cold winter, it’s great to have some sunny days to look forward to. Most of us will embrace the warmer weather by doing a traditional spring clean. We can just picture property owners all over Auckland tidying up their gardens, their front yards, their pool areas, and every single room in their house. Roofing in Auckland won’t receive as much care and attention, of that we’re sure! The roof is an essential structure in any home or commercial building but it is often the most neglected. The only time it gets a moment’s thought is when it requires repairs after years of being ignored. To keep it in good shape, and reduce the number of repairs it might need in the future, we think a roof spring clean should be added to your To-Do list.  

The first thing to do is to check the gutters. Clean out all the leaves and muck that have accumulated over several winters and look for any wear, rust or weak spots. Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow during the rains that we all expect in Spring, which leaves your roof and house susceptible to water damage. That’s why a gutter check and clean should be high on your list of roof clean priorities.

If trees around your home are getting close to the roof, early spring is a good time to trim them before they go through an annual growth spurt. Branches and leaves can scrape against the roof and cause substantial damage while creating a shaded and humid environment at the same time. This can promote the growth of moss and mildew, and make it difficult for moisture to evaporate.

If you can access the roof safely, you should give it a good wash to get rid of moss, mildew, mould and dirt. Don’t power wash as this can damage some roofing materials. There are some off-the-shelf cleaners you can buy, and you can put a telescopic attachment on your hose for safe cleaning from ground level or from a not-too-scary height on your ladder. 

Chimney flashing should also be checked because if it has become loose, or if it doesn’t look flush with the roof, then spring showers can cause damaging leaks. 

During your roof spring clean, you might notice things that need fixing up, and we’re happy to do that for you. As leaders in roof repair in Auckland, including patching holes, fixing leaks and removing rust, we’re the best people to call. In the meantime, happy spring cleaning – and don’t forget the roof! 


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