Five Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Roof

By November 19, 2019Commercial Roofing

When you install a new roof onto your commercial property, you expect it to last it’s intended lifespan because of the substantial investment it took to construct it. Although roofing companies say that the life expectancy of a commercial roof is anything from 10 to 40 years, many factors can affect it in a way that will shorten its lifespan. Here are five of the most common factors that you should be aware of for your commercial roof. 


With a roof installation, you expect your roofing company to be experienced in commercial roofing, licensed and trustworthy. The construction should be high-quality so that it can prevent a large variety of problems, such as sagging and leaking, for many years to come. 

Roofing System 

The type and quality of materials used to construct your roof directly affect whether your roof will last it’s intended lifespan, or not. Roofing systems and membranes are most commonly used for commercial roofs, which means that whether you use TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) systems, the lifespan should last up to 30 years. If you have it constructed out of metal or asphalt, it should last over 40 years. But if the materials are poor-quality, you’ll have to replace your roof much sooner than you expect.

Poor Weather 

Although you can’t control the weather, it can adversely affect your roof, especially if weather patterns are particularly severe. Auckland is known for unpredictable weather, so your roof should be built to withstand harsh winds, heavy rains and intense heat. After each storm, you should have your commercial roof inspected for damage and debris. 


Regardless of how expensive your roof was, it still needs to be maintained regularly. Whether you used the building materials, you could afford, or the most expensive materials on the market – frequent maintenance is a must. If you maintain your commercial roof as often as is necessary, it’ll last as long as it should. If you don’t, it’ll deteriorate rapidly. During maintenance, look for damage, broken or missing tiles, debris or algae and moss growth. 

Adequate Ventilation

Correct ventilation is vital for the health of your roof and the comfort of your home. Excessive heat damages your roof, removing years from it’s intended lifespan. However, with proper ventilation, your roof will be cooler. Moreover, if the building is well insulated, you’ll have comfortable temperatures all year round.

Installing a new roof onto your commercial property is a direct investment into the business. With a secure and robust roof above your head, you can conduct business without a worry. However, harsh weather, a lack of maintenance and a shoddy installation could shorten your roof’s lifespan significantly. Make sure that your roofing company is aware of your concerns before construction begins. 


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