Fact Vs Fiction Learn The Truth About Long Run Roofing For Your Auckland Property

By March 13, 2019Long Run Roofing

Getting a roofing upgrade is exciting. It’s a chance to wave goodbye to persistent leaks, bird infestations and other roof woes. You have an opportunity to fix these problems with your new roof, as long as it’s the right fit. Long run roofing has been available in Auckland for a while. Despite this, many people reject it as a roofing option due to lingering misconceptions on how it operates. We’re here to separate fact from fiction so that you can make an informed choice.

Fiction: You’ll Never Have Peaceful Sleep When It Rains

We’ll start with the most famous myth about long-run roofing. If you’ve ever stood beneath a metal carport while it rained, you’ll know that the racket is unbearable. The same isn’t true for metal roofs. When we install long-run roofing, we include padding to absorb the noise. You’ll continue to sleep like a baby.

Fiction: I Won’t Be Able To Go Anywhere Near It

Walking on any roof isn’t advisable without the right safety equipment. However, you might want to clear your gutters or trim some tree branches alongside your roof. It’s true that metal has less grip than materials like asphalt. However, long-run roofing is designed to include support that lets you place weight on it. If you plan on doing work on your roof, rather trust a roofing expert to do it.  

Fiction: The Roof Will Get Rusty If It Rains

The weather changes all the time. From rain to sunshine, your roof must be able to withstand the elements. While long-run roofing does contain metal, this doesn’t mean it will rust. It’s treated and tested to survives storms, rain and hail fall without rusting in the slightest. Most long run roofing sheets are coated with waterproof protection to allow this and to prevent their colour from running.

Still not convinced long-run roofing is for you? The best way to figure out what will work best is to contact roofing experts like the team at Archer Roofing. Contact us today to speak to a long run roofing expert in Auckland.


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