Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Auckland Longrun Roofing

By June 30, 2019Longrun Roofing

Even the most expertly installed roof won’t last as long as it should if it isn’t made with the right materials. Thankfully, modern home and business owners have access to a range of materials to choose from, each tailored to meet a specific need and address particular concerns a person might have. If you’re looking for a new option that adds more to your home in terms of value added features, longrun roofing is the way to go. Here’s why.

  • What Is Longrun Roofing?

Longrun roofing is a type of roofing or cladding that can be contoured or ribbed in a variety of styles. There’s no single manufacturer of this product, as it’s a style of roofing and not a brand. It’s considered to be the best alternative to tiled or metal roofing and can be used on any roof in both commercial and residential scenarios.  It differs from tiled roofing in that it uses long sheets of corrugated iron or steel (painted in your choice of colour or finish) that are custom cut to each building so that they form a continuous length from top to bottom – with as little overlapping of joints as possible. So what makes it better than the rest?

  • It’s Lightweight

Longrun roofing sheets weigh less than their tiled counterparts, making them quicker and safer to install as well as faster and easier to transport without the need for large trucks. It’s considered to be a lightweight roofing material according to the New Zealand standard NZS3604, which applies as it weighs less than 20 kg per square metre. It’s lightweight, which also means that it’s more affordable and easier to adapt to various types of roofs.

  • It’s Locally Made

Homeowners looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their home and cut costs at the same time will appreciate the fact that longrun roofing is a speciality of local roofers like Archer Roofing. This means you can order it and have it installed in a matter of days without having to worry about transport delays and costs.

  • It’s More Stable 

Life happens, and everything from minor earth tremors to falling tree branches can cause your roof to get damaged. Unlike tiles, longrun roofing will not shatter, slip through your roof or cause structural damage, making it the much safer choice.

Are you interested in having Auckland longrun roofing installed in your home or business? Then contact the team at Archer Roofing today for advice on how to proceed.


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