Does Roof Maintenance Really Save Money?

By January 21, 2020Roof Maintenance

Roofing is not cheap. Whether you’re installing new roofing, reroofing, or doing repairs, you should expect a relatively costly bill. Affordable roofing Auckland says that regular roof maintenance can help you save money where the roofing is concerned but does it? The short answer is yes. Here’s why:

It Ensures Longevity 

The roof’s primary job is to maintain a watertight seal on your home, which prevent the elements from raining into the building. If your roof can’t keep leaks from forming, then technically, it’s failing at its most crucial task. If your roof can’t maintain its waterproofing system, you’ll have leaks springing up everywhere. Before you know it, you’ll have watermarked ceilings in every room. The water damage might be so extensive that you’d need to do a full roof replacement – which doesn’t come cheap and could have been avoided. 

It Provides Positive Damage Assessments 

If your roof is insured, you can expect your insurance company to arrive twice a year to perform inspections. They want to ensure that you’ve been maintaining your roof. If not, and you try to claim to finance for repairs, you might forfeit your right to do so because you’ve been negligent. Remember, your insurance costs are expensive already, but they’re there for a good reason. When you claim from them because your roof has been damaged from inclement weather, you don’t need to foot the bill for the repairs. However, if you’ve neglected your roof, they won’t pay for it. 

It Ensures Functional Roofing Elements 

The ventilation and insulation within the interior of your roof don’t only keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter. They also protect your shingles from the inside out. How? When you have poor insulation or ventilation, the heat inside the house rises (because science) and builds up in the attic. The heat then radiates through the roofing structure to the shingles. 

When shingles are under immense heat, they can curl, crack and break, leading to water damage and more leaks. In this situation, you’d need to pay for better insulation or ventilation if you don’t maintain your roof at all. 

Performing regular roof maintenance does mean affordable roofing in Auckland. If you think that the maintenance is too expensive, or is a waste of money, you’re going to get a shock when your roof needs extensive repairs. Remember to get your roof inspected and repaired regularly now, or you’ll have some major problems later.


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