The Long-Term Dangers of a Leaking Roof

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Leaking Roof

Small home repairs and renovations might seem like nuisances, but these tasks are essential to protect the quality of your real estate investment. If you get a leaking roof, then it could be the trigger that starts a domino-effect of problems through the rest of the home.

Roof: The First Line of Defence Against the Storms

When the wind and rain blow in, the roof acts as a shield to protect the inside areas of your home. This protection needs to be waterproof, to prevent the rain from coming inside.

A good roof installation will last for many years, despite the changing weather conditions and temperatures. Even if you invest in the best materials, eventually the roof will wear out and need to be re roof, repaired or replaced. Regardless of the age of your roof, it is essential that you are proactive to monitor potential signs of a leaking roof.

Problems from Roof Leaks

If an issue occurs with the roof and it starts leaking, then there are some common problems that you might encounter:

  • Roofing Discoloration: The components on the roof can become discoloured due to the water leaks. These changes are only problematic due to the aesthetic features on your home. But, if you notice that the roof is becoming discoloured, then it is a sure sign that quick action is needed to stop the other problems that are likely occurring as well.
  • Mould Growth: Water or dampness in confined spaces and no sunlight is the perfect recipe for mould When the rain leaks through the roof and into the ceiling, then you could be facing expensive restorations to eliminate the mould problems. Not only does the mould cause discoloration and rot, but it can also result in serious health problems for your family.
  • Electrical Issues: The wiring in the building can be damaged if exposed to water. Copper wires will be tarnished, and all types of metal will degrade with time. These wires could short out, or eventually they can break. The electrician visit can be costly. But, it is essential to ensure the safety of the home.
  • Ceiling and Drywall Damage: Additionally, the drywall can become fatigued due to moisture penetration. When the materials fail, they can break down. Serious damage can even cause the roof to collapse.

It is best to avoid these problems by maintaining regular roofing inspections from experienced roofing contractors Auckland: Archer Roofing. Contact roofing company Auckland for a consultation if you suspect that you have a leaking roof.


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