Four Colour Options For The Steel Roofing Of Your Albany Home

By July 25, 2019Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is no longer an unattractive roofing material. In the past, homeowners weren’t interested in it because it looked tinny, thin and cheap. Currently, it’s become a popular roofing material because it’s now available in various colours and has important benefits. If you’re installing a new roof on your home in Albany, a steel roof should be a consideration. Here are a few colours you can go with.

  1. Standard Coating

A standard roof coating on a steel roof is like your roof has been coated in regular paint, in terms of colours available and how the coating is applied. A standard coating is the most affordable option, which is why it’s commonly used. It comes in various colours, which means you could easily colour-match your roof to the colours and designs used on your home. The names and colours will vary depending on your chosen manufacturer. Therefore, once you’ve selected a manufacturer, you’ll need to view samples to make sure that you pick the right colour for your roof.

  1. Special Order

If you’ve searched far and wide for the perfect colour for your roof, and still haven’t found the right shade, you can create a “special order” paint. In this instance, you’ll blend one or more shades to find what you’re looking for. To do this correctly, you’ll need to approach a manufacturer so that they can produce your order for you. That way, every part of your roof will be the same shade without there being noticeable, varying degrees of pigmentation.

  1. Two-Tone

Two-tone steel roofing means that your roof coating will be two tones of similar colours, which gives your roof the look of architectural shingles, which is a fashionable look. It will resemble slate, wooden and asphalt shingles.

  1. Bare Metal

As a homeowner, you can do whatever you’d like with your steel roofing. In fact, you could choose to have no colour at all. It’s called bare metal roofing, and it means precisely that. Choosing bare metal means that you won’t coat your roof in any shade if it matches the design and colour scheme of your home. Bare metal also reflects more sunlight from your home, therefore providing better insulation and saving on energy.

Now that steel roofing can be as attractive as other roofing options, your choices are unlimited. You can choose any colour for any Albany home that you desire. Call Archer Roofing Ltd for all your steel roofing requirements today.


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