Be Warned: Not Every Roofing Company Is On Top Of Their Game

By November 13, 2020Roofing Company

There are still cowboys operating in every trade. Unfortunately, there are still customers who will be sucked in by the cowboy’s claims that they can do a good job on the cheap. Roofing companies in Auckland, like ours, should be reputable, knowledgeable and able to do a perfect job every time. That’s certainly the case with us. We’re proud of our work, and our customers are more than happy with that work. Sadly, there are roofers in Auckland who are not on top of their game, and to reduce the risk of you employing one, we have a handy list of what to look for when searching for a roofing company.  

Credentials: The first thing to do is to check that your proposed roofing contractor is suitably qualified. For example, ask if they’re accredited by the New Zealand government as a Licenced Building Practitioner (LPB). If they are, that’s a good sign. By the way, we are a  Licenced Building Practitioner, as well as a member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand, and a Site Safe member.

Materials: Ask them about the products they’ll use, then do your research into those products. If those products are well known and trusted, like the ColorSteel we use, then that is a good sign, But if the roofing materials just don’t register on your search, or if they seem to come from a dubious source, then be concerned. Maybe the company has supplier affiliations and they’re pushing certain products that they know to be inferior? And are there manufacturers warranties on those materials? There should be, so make sure you explore this point.

Guarantees: Any reputable roofing company will guarantee their work. For example, we offer a minimum five-year workmanship guarantee. We’re happy to do so because we’re extremely confident in the quality of our work. If a company doesn’t give you that same peace of mind, alarm bells should ring. 

Health & Safety: Ask your contractor about their health and safety policy. Cowboys won’t have one! And they won’t be a member of Site Safe NZ.

Past Projects and Reviews: A reputable roofing contractor in Auckland will have a history of good work, and that should be reflected in customer reviews and a gallery of recently completed projects. If your potential roofer is reluctant to share their history, then you should ask yourself why.

As an Auckland roofing company with a long and proud reputation, we’re happy to show you our past projects, our credentials, our guarantees and whatever else it takes to convince you that we’re legitimate and on top of our game. Don’t be afraid to get in touch and give us the third degree. 


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