Auckland Roofing Solutions To Keep Your Home Comfortable All Year Round

For most problems, there’s usually a long and short term solution. Many people choose the short term solution as it often seems easier and cheaper, but over time you’ll find that it takes up more time, effort and money than if you fixed the problem properly in the first place. This applies to your home in summer and winter. You can bundle up in warm clothes, light a fire and add heaters to every room in winter and open windows or crank up the aircon in summer, but if you aren’t tackling the underlying cause of your home’s loss of heat (or excess heat retention), then you’re just creating more work for yourself. Here’s how the right Auckland roofing solutions will keep your home comfortable, no matter what season it’s faced with. 

Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

To make sure your choice of material works in both hot and cold months, it’s best to choose a reflective roofing material that will deflect light all year round and maintain an even temperature that doesn’t fluctuate too much. You’ll also need to take into consideration if your roof is sloped or flat and if it’s tiled or not, as this will also impact its ability to regulate temperature. On top of all these factors, you’ll need to remember that if your roof is in poor condition and due for repairs or an upgrade that it will likely have other issues you’ll need to deal with, such as leaks or missing tiles and shingles.

Make Sure Your Home Is Well Insulated And Ventilated 

You want your home to remain toasty and warm in winter – but you don’t want it to become stifling and uncomfortable in summer. So how can you ensure it works in both seasons? You can make sure it has adequate ventilation and insulation. Ensuring your roof has ventilation means that excess heat has an avenue to escape when it gets hotter, and insulation will make sure that incoming heat doesn’t permeate past your roofing into the rest of your home to make it uncomfortably warm. 

The best way to ensure that your home stays the perfect temperature all year round is to ensure it’s optimised with the necessary insulation and ventilation and also by ensuring it’s well maintained and looked after. If your roof has seen better days (or needs a total replacement), then you should consider contacting Archer Roofing today for assistance.


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