Auckland Roofers Advise On The Limitations Of DIY Roof Painting

By August 20, 2019Roof Painting

Many people around the world love a good DIY project that will keep their hands busy and their minds challenged. However, you’re limited to which jobs you can do yourself. Painting your roof yourself is not one of them. Professional Auckland roofers tell us why DIY roof painting is a bad idea.

You Could Injure Yourself

You might think that you’re careful and that you have stable footing; therefore, you could paint your roof yourself safely. You might not have ever injured yourself in a DIY project before, so why not? The reason why this is too dangerous a job for an amateur to undertake is that this kind of injury isn’t a stubbed toe or a few small cuts that you can walk off. Roofs are high; even single storey buildings can be up to five metres above the ground. If you lost your footing and fell, you could suffer from severe injuries. An injury like this could mean therapy, surgery, loss of income, or worse.

Your Footing Probably Isn’t As Sure As You Think

When your roof needs to be repainted, it first needs a thorough cleaning. Roofs accumulate dust, dirt, moss and fungi – all of which needs to be removed before painting can commence. Have you ever slipped on wet moss or water on a smooth surface? It’s very slippery. The same goes for your roof. Roofers with more experience and better equipment than a DIY guy still manage to injure themselves during roof cleaning and repainting. That means that you definitely shouldn’t try this. The last thing you need is to slip on the roof, damage it and injure yourself.

You Could Void Your Insurance Policy

If you’re a smart homeowner, you’ll have your home insured against damage from burglary, severe weather and the event of flooding, or a fire. If you read your insurance policy carefully, you’ll see that most insurance providers don’t provide cover if the disrepair is the result of purposeful damage. Purposeful damage means that the disrepair happened because you purposefully decided to do whatever it was that caused the breakage. Therefore, painting your roof yourself is not a good idea. If you fall, drop tools and damage the roof, your insurance policy won’t pay out, and you’ll have to foot the repair bill yourself.


From the information you’ve just read, you’ll know that there are more limitations and negatives to DIY roof painting than there are positives. Sure, you might save a few thousand dollars by painting your roof yourself; but the risks of injury, damage, and voiding your insurance policy are too high. It’s better to enlist the services of an Auckland roofer to do the job for you. The work will be done exceptionally well, without the risk involved.


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