Answering Your Roofing And Reroofing Questions

By May 4, 2020reroofing albany

Dealing with a deteriorating roof can be a major hassle. You might not be sure what needs to be done, who to call, or how much it will cost to resolve your roof problem. Frantically searching for professional contractors offering reroofing services in Albany and trying to understand industry talk can leave you feeling even more overwhelmed.  

Without having firsthand knowledge of roofing and reroofing, you might wonder if roofing contractors are overcharging for a simple job, or unnecessarily prolonging a renovation project, or worse yet, doing a shoddy job. With so many doubts and concerns going through your mind, we thought we’d help out by answering your common roofing questions. 

1) Do I Really Need A Roof Replacement? 

We understand roof replacements are rarely budgeted for and can take you by surprise; they often need to be done urgently. We have the expertise to properly diagnose your roof and can advise on what your most cost-effective solutions are. Although we take into consideration your financial constraints and timing issues, we are sometimes forced to recommend a replacement when repairs are no longer viable. 

2) Do I Really Need To Hire A Contractor? 

We will always suggest you hire a professional contractor for two reasons. Regardless of how small you may think a problem is, you’ll never know the true nature of the issue without having the necessary training and expertise. Secondly, roofing can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment and safety know-how. Not only can you injure yourself, but you can also potentially harm your family too. 

3) Is It Going To Be Expensive? 

There’s no way we can tell you how cheap or expensive a job is going to be without doing a thorough site evaluation. This will help us determine the nature of the work we’ll have to carry out and the labour and materials that will be needed. At Archer Roofing, we provide you with competitive and comprehensive quotes based on our initial evaluation. It is advisable to compare quotations and ensure you are being charged for exactly the same work before settling on which one to hire. 

Whether it’s a leak that alerted you to a roof in need of repair, or that suddenly caved-in structural feature that’s now lying in your lounge, roofs can be daunting because there’s no quick fix. Homeowners can’t dash off to their local hardware store to get what they need to fix up their roof. It takes precision and skill, and can be a job for more than one person. This is all factored into the price and, for your peace of mind, it’s a price worth paying.  

Call Archer Roofing now to book a site evaluation. We provide various roofing services, such as repairs and re roofing in Albany, all at affordable rates and with guaranteed high-quality workmanship. 


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