An Expert’s Guide To Colour Steel Roofing

By October 29, 2019Steel Roofing

One of the most popular roofing materials to come out of New Zealand is Auckland COLOUR STEEL roofing. It is one of the most innovative products used on roofs that keep homes safe and dry in Auckland’s irregular and wet weather patterns. If the time is coming to replace your roof, you can’t go wrong with COLORSTEEL. Here’s an expert’s guide to COLORSTEEL’s diverse product range, so that you can make the right choice for your home. 


Your roof is meant to keep you safe from the elements, warm in winter and dry in summer. Although New Zealand is known for unpredictable weather, you can choose the right COLORSTEEL product for your own home depending on where you live. COLORSTEEL DRIDEX is one of those products. DRIDEX was manufactured to fight against damp conditions, which means that if you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, this is the one for you. On the underside of each metal panel, the fleece coating can absorb almost all excess moisture from inside your home, keeping it dry and free of mould growth. 


Are you looking for a roof that is durable, longlasting, and strong? Although most roofs should have those properties, if you’re looking for something hardier than the average metal roof, then the COLORSTEEL ZINCALUME roof is best. Finished in shining silver, each roof panel has been coated with half zinc and half aluminium alloy. These metal coatings make each panel super strong, which are also resistant to corrosion or surface damage. 


A step up from the COLORSTEEL ZINCALUME range is the ENDURA. Admittedly, not everyone would be satisfied with a bare metal roof on their home. Although the silver shine would work well for warehouses, factories, sheds, and garages, your home is different. You want to live in a home that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with a roof design and colour that matches the rest of the house. For that reason, ENDURA is your solution. COLORSTEEL ENDURA is just as strong and longlasting as the ZINCALUME; however, you can now have it in a wide range of colours to go with the design of your home. 


Living in New Zealand means that you can’t make home building and construction decisions based on what you like. You also need to consider the environment, the climate, the elements, and the future. If you’re subject to more severe weather patterns in New Zealand, the COLORSTEEL MAXX option is best for you. It’s more durable and less susceptible to environmental corrosion than any other COLORSTEEL roofing material. It’s especially effective in areas where geothermal damage to roofs is a consideration that each homeowner must factor into their decision. 

COLORSTEEL roofing products have proven to be worth the investment for any home, with many Auckland roofing companies swearing by its effectiveness. The ENDURA, MAXX, and DRIDEX now come in a myriad of colours, which means that you have the perfect roofing solution for you, in any colour that you need.


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