“We had an ageing rusting seaside corrugated iron roof that was in need of replacement. After waiting nearly a year for a quote from local contractor we checked out Builders Crack website. It was so easy! Within days we had lined up Archer Roofing who were so thorough, obviously experienced, and fast! Best bit was they were about 15% cheaper than local contractor, who belatedly got a quote to us, did a brilliant very neat job in a single day, and the only evidence I could find of their presence were two lead head nails in the grass. Not a sign of ground disturbance anywhere. Did I mention it was a two storied house so access wasn't easy? They had a scaffolding team in and out in less than two hours to erect what was needed, then take down, and a done in less than a week. Would absolutely recommend these guys - no problem!”

Michael RushHappy Client